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Are You Doing A NPC Show And Want To Learn How To Pose And Be Competitive On Stage In Your Category?
Then attend the (LIVE) LEARN TO POSE™ Virtual Posing Clinic for NPC Competitors on Saturday May 11, 2024
For Only $25

Hosted By 20 Year Bodybuilding Pro, Posing Coach 10+ Federations, and Judge of 4 Bodybuilding Federations, Michele Welcome & Entrepreneur, Entertainer, & Personal/Business Consultant, Vassilios Metropoulos 

Details on The Learn To Pose™ 
Virtual Posing Clinic For 
NPC Competitors
  • CLINIC DATES: Saturday May 11, 2024
  • ​Men & Women's Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, & Women's Physique - 12:00pm-1:00pm EST.
  • ​Figure & Men's Physique - 1:30pm-2:30pm EST.
  • ​Bikini & Wellness - 3:00pm-4:00pm EST.
  • REGISTRATION FEE: $25 per clinic. You are welcome to come to more than one clinic but must register and pay for each clinic separately. Tickets are non-refundable.  Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive an email with the private link to the zoom class.
  • DRESS CODE: For Men, wear either your competition shorts or any pair of shorts. For Women, wear either your competition suit or any two piece suit or simply shorts and a sports top. If you are competing in a division that requires high heels, bring either your stage heels or any pair of comfortable 5 inch heels.​
  • EXPECTATIONS: Theses clinics are for active participants only who want to learn how to pose for their competition. These clinics are not for spectators or coaches. All participants are expected to be interactive on camera. Replays will not be provided and recording of this event by any participant is a violation of The United States Copyright law. By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge that you are accessing this clinic for personal use only; you acknowledge that only those certified by me are allowed to teach and apply my methods of instruction; you agree not to share any portion of this presentation; and you acknowledge that all presentation materials and teaching methods are protected by copyright law. 
  • ​Learn how to pose for your NPC division(s)
  • ​Learn the NPC judging rules for your NPC division
  • ​Learn how to be more competitive on stage in your NPC division
  • ​Ask questions related to stage walks and posing routines
have you watched posing tutorials and wondered how to make the poses look good on you?
Hi *Waving* Michele here!

If you're like most people trying to learn how to pose (and hoping the poses look good on you), you've searched for random posing tutorials online...

You've gone to generic in-person posing workshops...

And mayyybe, you've stalked instagram photos and videos of your favorite IFBB pros and tried to mimic what you see them doing...

There's just one problem with doing all of those things.

Watching a posing tutorial of someone who poses effortlessly and then trying to do the poses yourself are two different things, amIright?
There are three things that make the biggest difference when first learning how to pose.
1. UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY BEING JUDGED ON. What I've learned over the years is when clients understand the reason behind each of their poses, their purpose, the goal from head to toe, and don't just model after what they see in videos, they start to connect with the poses totally differently than just winging it from a tutorial they found online.  If you don't know what you are being scored on, and why you are making the shapes you are making, how will you ever know if you are posing your best?

I recently asked a group of new clients to tell me what they believe they are being judged on in their competition.  And this was a group of men and women in all federations and divisions.

You know what they said?

They really didn’t know.  

Once I taught them the reason behind the poses and the goals of each and every one of them, no one looked at posing the same again... and their posing skills improved dramatically.

You will learn exactly what you are being judged at in my posing clinic. 

2. BUILDING A PROPER POSING FOUNDATION FROM THE START SO YOU DON'T DEVELOP BAD HABITS THAT ARE TOUGH TO BREAK.  Posing is creating shapes with your body. Each of these shapes require you to twist, contort, and position your entire body in a specific way for the judges to compare you with others on stage. These poses are not normal shapes and positions that we "normally" do (I mean, really, who walks around with their lats flared all day or with their glutes at full salute?).

I break the sequence down on how to properly execute a pose from start to finish for every one of my competitors from the very beginning so that within no time their poses become like second nature to them.

You will learn the exact step by step sequence on how to properly execute each pose for your division at my posing clinic. 

3. MAKING THE CONNECTION FROM THE VERY BEGINNING THAT YOU ARE NOT JUST POSING YOU ARE PERFORMING ON STAGE.  Let me ask you a question (or two). When was the last time you performed for a crowd on stage - anywhere - in your life?  Was it 5th grade "show-and-tell?"  Or was it in high school with the marching band?  

I ask because....let's face it.  Performing on stage is not something many people that compete in bodybuilding shows are prepared to do at the drop of a hat.  And for many, performing on stage doesn't come natural either.  

So what do people with little to no stage performance experience do?  They look at what everyone else is doing and copy it.  

The problem with this is, they don't embody the performance.  It looks forced and totally cringeworthy.  It wasn't.....them.  It was them trying to be someone else.  I call it a "cookie cutter replica of someone else's posing routine." 

If you have been following the NPC and IFBB for a while you probably have noticed that there is a distinct "look" to all of the performances. From bikini, wellness, men's physique, and figure stage walks to bodybuilding, classic, and physique posing routines. The only division I think is distinctly unique and individual are the fitness routines. 

When preparing for a competition, your stage walks and/or posing routines should be a creation you can embody, not copy.  

You will analyze posing routines at my clinics and I will teach you how to start thinking about how to showcase your own uniqueness on stage. 

When I first started competing as a bodybuilder 20+ years ago...
There was no such thing as posing tutorials, workshops, or posing coaches
Annnnnd, as a bodybuilder, you are required to execute A LOT of different poses.  You are also required to perform a posing routine that is choreographed to music.  In this routine you display your best features and show off your personality to the audience and judges.  

I remember being more stressed out about the posing routine to music than I was with the nutrition and exercise part of competition prep.  

Because of this, I spent every day dissecting each and every pose and working on mastering the execution of every one of them.  My hard work paid off and I would consistently win best poser awards at all of my shows.

Then in 2004 I switched to the figure division and l remember thinking there are much less poses than in bodybuilding, but now I was stressing about having to do them balancing in heels, and also having to do a fancy walk on stage smiling like I'm having the time of my life.  My demeanor is much more serious so this was a challenge for me to break out from at first.

So once again I dissected every component of posing and presentation and worked on mastering the poses, mastering how to walk and pose in high heels, and choreographing every component of my stage presence.  My hard work paid off again and, over the years, I earned three pro cards in three different federations.

Then about a decade into my career, I bought a fitness facility and started hosting group posing classes. This was still ten years ago from today so there wasn't the workshops, posing coaches, or online tutorials at this time either. 

People kept coming back to learn how to pose for different federations, and some would come back consistently to continue making improvements from show to show. I had people travel four hours one way to come master their posing and presentation skills. Especially when they were preparing for their first show and had never stepped on stage before in their life.

Throughout the years, I have helped competitors look and feel like champions.

I helped competitors who struggled with knowing how to make the poses look flattering on them go from awkward to total domination on stage.

I helped competitors learn how to properly open their lats in their poses (clients dubbed me "the lat whisperer!")

I helped competitors go from walking like a linebacker in heels to strutting the stage with confidence

I helped competitors who are naturally shy or super serious go from forgettable or "meh" to absolute stand outs on stage.

And I helped competitors who were consistently placing 4th and 5th at their shows bump up their placements to 1st and 2nd place...just with posing adjustments

My unique background having:

competed in 6 federations, and mastered the posing skills in all of them...

having judged for 4 federations as well...

having a background in modeling, acting, and runway school...

10 years of full time teaching posing and stage performance to men and women in over 10 federations...

and with ongoing instruction of hundreds of students in my various virtual posing clinics and weekly virtual group posing classes...

...means that I have developed a unique set of skills that you won't find anywhere else.

Plus, I consider the bodybuilding division the core division of our sport.  Think of it like the parent division, of the entire sport. Every division today is a spin off of bodybuilding.  Having started as a bodybuilder allowed me to see things in people's posing and stage presence in every category of the sport that they would not have been able to see on their own without my experience. The bodybuilding category is hyper specific and it taught me to look at each and every part of the body with extreme detail.

I look at each and every one of my clients with extreme detail.  I know exactly what areas of their body they needed to accentuate. I also knew the areas they need to draw less attention to as well.  Most are shocked at how I literally see everything virtually too. Plus, I get you. I understood the psychology of what you are feeling, so I know how to draw your out of your shell like I had to do for myself.

Over my 20 years of experience in the bodybuilding industry, I have developed my own teaching language, teaching methods, my own original skills and tactics that allow me to help you to become not just good at posing, but great at it. 

My posing clinics are your starting place :) 

Don't just take my word for it...
What People Are Saying...
Leonard Scriven
Pro Men’s Physique
Ben Berluti
Novice Men’s Physique 
Elnaz Najdmazhari
Pro Figure & Open Fit Body
Felicia Nickerson
Pro Wellness
Lily Burton
Novice Bikini Transformation 
Dawn Graves
New Bikini Pro
Mary Taylor 
Open Women’s Physique
Laurent Vitrac
Pro Classic Physique
Ryan Trusevitch
Open Classic Physique
Robin Rose
Novice Open & Master's Figure
" I received my WNBF Pro Card in figure after working with Michele. She helped me fine tune my posing and presentation style, which made all the difference in the world on stage. If you are looking to take your training to the next level, I highly recommend Michele!
“Michele’s knowledge and instruction flows very naturally. I was frequently impressed by her level of detail and the ease in which she manipulated my position to bring out my best look. I’ve worked with great coaches and Michele is exceptional. Any federation... any division, she will guide you to the proper fit and help you to look your best. Do yourself a favor if you’re considering a show and reach out to her asap.”
" Michele Welcome is an incredibly talented posing coach, and working with her was a complete game-changer for me. She is truly a professional and an expert in her field. I would highly recommend using Michele as a posing coach to anyone preparing for a show! "
" Self doubt and fear of failure have been my demons for years. My work with Michele helped me step out of this mindset and into a place where I learned to compete for me. Michele has shown me how to focus on producing the best version of myself and how to hit the stage leading with pride. " 
" Michele really teaches you about how posing should be done. It's not just get on stage and flex, it's about confidence, stage presence and finding the angles and movements to really highlight that physique! No one shows you how and teaches you how better. Michele came highly recommended to me and she comes highly recommended from me so much I send my own clients to her for posing. "
" Beyond her phenomenal expert knowledge, she was sincerely invested in my success. Her excellent advice, warm smile and encouraging words, along with a hug out the door was what I looked forward to every week to keep me on my focused path. She made sure I never stopped believing in myself, because she believed in me. "
" By nature, I am an extremely shy person and do not like to be the center of attention. Michele helped me gain the confidence I needed to get on stage. Michele helped me pose in ways that best suited my physique. She is extremely supportive and will help guide you every step of the way. There is no one I’d rather work with to prepare for stage ready posing. " 
" The minute I started working with Michele I knew that her patience and attention to detail were just what I needed to learn a new set of poses and to feel confident in my routine! Michele also gave me phenomenal workouts to help build my back and to build coordination and muscle memory for flaring my lats. I am certain that the work I did with Michele translated to more confidence on the stage and as a competitor. "
" At the age of 41, I decided that I wanted to compete in bikini.  This was so far out of my comfort zone, I barely knew where to start. I had never done anything even remotely close to this. Michele taught me how to pose with class and grace, she taught me how to show off my best self, she choreographed a theme wear routine for me, AND she taught me how to flare my lats!!  (We dubbed her "The Lat Whisperer"). I never could have done it without Michele! "

Michele Welcome

Michele has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years having competed in SIX federations, earned 3 pro cards, head judges and panel judges for four bodybuilding federations, and is regarded as a top professional posing coach with the versatility to teach the posing requirements, routines, and stage walks for: men and women bodybuilders, men and women's physique, classic physique, figure, wellness, model, and bikini divisions.  

Michele is known for her "keen eye" for even the smallest of details, and her unique ability to transform even the most challenging posing clients and make them standouts on stage. 

Michele has created her own teaching style, methodologies, and best practices from her diverse and eclectic education, first hand experience as a competitor, and over a decade of hands-on teaching. She teaches 1 on 1, via her custom weekly group classes (at weeklyposing.com), and has created many custom courses and products to help competitors address specific posing issues and/or to simply gain that competitive edge in their shows. 

Michele is also a multiple business owner, including a Real Estate Broker/Agent and Professional Home Stager for 18 years, an RYT-200 Embodyoga instructor, a graduate of the John Casablanca's Modeling and Acting School, a published author, and has earned four nutrition and personal training certifications.  She is also the host of "Everything Else" in Bodybuilding podcast where she educates on all the secrets to pre and post competition success.  You can find her podcast on all major podcast platforms or at EEINBB.com
So, if you want the starting place to looking and feeling Like A Champion for your NPC competition...
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Attend The LIVE Learn To Pose™ 
Virtual Posing Clinic For NPC Competitors!
  • Learn The Specifics On What You Are Being Judged On In Your Category (ALL Federations are covered!) 
  • ​Learn how to pose correctly for your division(s) 
  • ​Learn how to be more competitive on stage in your category
  • Ask questions related to stage walks and posing routines
Total Value: $97

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Hosted By 20 Year Bodybuilding Pro, Posing Coach, and 4 Federation Bodybuilding Judge, Michele Welcome, & Entrepreneur, Entertainer, & Personal/Business Consultant, Vassilios Metropoulos 

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